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Montréal, Québec H3H 2H7
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Our Promise

We know that there is nothing more relaxing for a parent than knowing your children are happy, loved, and safe – all while learning the important life skills.

At Maison Kinder, we are committed to providing the best possible care for your child, while also being responsive to your needs as parents.

We Promise
…to honor your role as a parent and to partner with you in the care and development of your child.
…you will feel completely confident and reassured when you leave your child with us.
…you will know that we value your child as a unique individual to be nurtured, protected, and respected at all times.
…you will know that committed, dedicated educators are caring for your child.
…you will watch your child develop a love of learning and a rich imagination.
…you will see your child develop strong bonds with our educators and other children.
…you will share in the joy of your child’s experiences in our center through regular communication.
…you will be treated as an important member of our family.
…you can expect us to listen carefully and respond quickly to any questions or concerns.
…you will know that it is our privilege to serve your family.


Admission Policy

Your child must be at least 1 year old and will have a two week trial period during which both parties, the parents and the childcare service center, will decide if Maison Kinder is a good fit for the child. We accept children on a first come, first serve basis, but we prioritize siblings of children already in the childcare center.There is a onetime non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 payable at the time of registration before the two week trial period. We also ask that you provide us with a copy of your child’s immunization record.

We will provide you with a registration package that includes all the forms you need to fill out at our initial meeting. This will include a Registration Form (with specific questions about your child, i.e. temperament, favorite thing etc. as well as your emergency contacts), an Emergency Medical Consent Form, two Medication Forms, and the contract. You can also go to “Forms & Documents” under the “Parents” section to have access to all the forms. These forms will need to be completed prior to your child start date, except for the contract that will be needed after the two week trial period has ended. Please note that a spot is not guaranteed until the contract is returned and signed.

Maison Kinder maintains a free waiting list. Once positions open up, we will contact you on a first come first serve basis. Siblings of children in the childcare service center have priority and so will be placed at the top of the list. If a child withdraws from the childcare service center, the space shall be considered available to other families on the waiting list who are in immediate need of care. Families who withdraw their child from care may check in with Maison Kinder a few weeks prior to the date they require care to resume to see if an available space exists. We require a four week written notice in order to withdraw your child from the child care service centre. Please note that the notice must be provided in writing and not by email.

Child Behavior Policy

The following are the behavioral expectations of the children in our centre:

• To be responsible for what they say and do.
• To be polite and respectful of other people.
• To listen to the instructions.
• To not hit, push, bit, or swear.
• To not say or do any action that is hurtful or harmful to others.
• To treat people the way they would like to be treated.
• To try to problem solve for themselves.
• To take good care of the centre’s toys, games and other supplies.
• To take good care of someone else’s toys, games and supplies.

Any disrespect toward other children, the Provider, or the center items will NOT be tolerated. If a child is repeatedly disruptive and disrespectful, a written notice will be given to the parents and will need to be signed and returned to the childcare center. After two written notice, the next misbehavior can result in termination from child care enrollment.

It is the right of each child to feel safe, secure and free to be themselves, and it is expected that children will behave respectfully toward each other. The childcare service center provides a daily routine that is structured yet flexible in a peaceful environment, so that the children are comfortable with their surroundings and expectations. Kids like to know what to expect. Through careful guidance we strive to teach the children manners, kindness, how to be gentle with others, and respectful of others and their belongings. And that can be done only if every child follows the rules.

At Maison Kinder, we believe in discipline, not punishment. We feel it is very important that a child is not simply told “No”, that they understand what they did, why it might be hurtful, and discuss what we can do in the future. In some cases a time out will be necessary. This is done on a chair and with direct supervision.

What to Bring

  • Diapers / Wipes / Diaper cream
  • Baby bottle / Sippy cup
  • Blanket
  • Smock (or daddy’s shirt!)
  • Sun hat
  • Change of clothes (pants, top, socks & underwear)
  • Indoor and outdoor shoes

Books and blankets are always welcome. Toys, however, should be limited to one. We have a good assortment of age/developmentally appropriate toys here at the center for the children to choose from. Personal toys may get broken or lost and we cannot be responsible for such an event. Jealousy and fighting among the children also occur when personal toys are brought in from home. Our rule is: “If you bring it, you share it!”.

Note: Please make sure everything is labelled with the child’s name.


Payment Policy

Payments for full-time and part-time children are made in advance and are due in full on the 1st of each month. Payments for evening, weekend, or occasional care are due at the drop-off time. We accept cash, checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), money orders or post-dated checks (made out to Maison Kinder). There is a $35 charge for checks returned as NSF. If more than two checks are returned unpaid, only cash will be accepted from then on. Maison Kinder reserves the right to cancel if payments are not made on time and in full.

Fees are paid during all absences; once a space is confirmed, it is payable whether the child attends or not since Maison Kinder operates on a flat-fee basis. When you sign a contract, you are contracting for a spot and not actual hours used. This means that you will pay for your child’s regularly scheduled attendance, whether they are here or not. This includes absences for vacation, illness, snow days, power outage, holidays, or other reason.

We provide parents who are late picking up their children with a 10 minute grace period. After the grace period, there are late charges, $10 per 15 minutes. Please note that there will also be late charges in the eventuality of bad weather or traffic.


Child Care Tax Credit

With Maison Kinder being a fully private childcare service centre, we do not offer $7.00 subsidized space. However, you can take full advantage of the tax credit for childcare expenses if you meet certain basic conditions.To see what the conditions are to claim the refundable tax credit for the 2013 taxation year for childcare expenses, Click here. Once the conditions are met, you can get a refund up to 75% of your child care costs. The percentage of reimbursement is made based on your annual household income. To know your percentage of reimbursement, Click here. To know the cost/child care expenses once the tax credit has been reimbursed*, Click here.

Did you know that you can even ask for advance payments of the tax credit? In fact, you can request a monthly repayment of a portion of your child care expenses that will be deposited directly into your bank account on the 15th of each month. To download the static tax credit advance payments form, Click here.

A year end receipt for tax purposes will be given at the beginning of the New Year for each child who frequented our childcare service center. If a child stops attending the childcare service center during the year, the receipt for child care expenses will be mailed to you also at the beginning of the New Year.

* Estimate only for after-tax cost. Please consult your financial advisor or accountant for the after-tax rate which would be applicable in your family’s specific situation.

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