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Toddler (6 months – 2 1/2 years old)

• A toddler is a child from 6 months to 2 1/2 years old.
• A Toddler learns by playing.

When children learn to walk, they are called toddlers. The toddler stage is very important in a child’s life. It is the time between infancy and childhood when a child learns and grows in many ways. Everything that happens to the toddler is meaningful. With each stage or skill the child masters, a new stage begins. This growth is different for each child. Children have their own timetable. During the toddler stage, most children learn to walk, talk, solve problems, relate to others, and more. One major task for the toddler is to learn to be independent. That is why toddlers want to do things for themselves, have their own ideas about how things should happen, and use “NO” many times each day. At that age, they are learning through play. Children at this age are curious about the world around them. They are busy exploring their environment and learning to communicate their thoughts. While they begin to exert their independence, they are also gaining a better understanding of group play.


Our Early Childhood Education program gives to toddlers a solid early foundation by emphasizing the development of the whole child, by focusing on both education fundamentals and social skills. We are building trusting secure relationships with them through lots of touching and cuddling, talking, and playing. We also give them the chances to exert some independence, focus on their interests, and help them in building relationships with those around them. As they progress, they are learning that they have an immediate effect on others. We are slowly guiding them in building social cues and acceptable ways of behaving.

Our caring monitors keep small hands busy and young minds engaged through activities designed specifically for this age group.

  • Sensorial, cognitive, language and motor stimulation.
  • Daily instruction which promotes skill development.
  • The perfect balance of nurturing, learning and playtime.
  • An environment focused on the development of the whole child.
  • A variety of activities that support learning concepts for this age group
  • Encouragement and support that leads to confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning.

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