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1825 Boul. René-Lévesque O
Montréal, Québec H3H 1R4
Telephone: 514-932-9333


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3 – 18 months


  • Safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for the littlest ones.
  • Caring educators to build a secure attachment bond and encourage each child to discover her / his five senses.
  • Environment that allows your child to to explore the world around them by touching, tasting, looking and listening.

18 months – 3 years


  • Program that promote language, social, physical and cognitive skills to flourish.
  • Environment focuses on the development of the whole child.
  • Perfect balance of nurturing, learning and playtime.
  • Encouragement and support that lead to confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning.

3 – 4 years


  • Innovative and comprehensive preschool program to meet the needs of each child.
  • Immersion in daily language, math and science activities.
  • Provide an educational foundation to prepare children for later learning in literacy and math.
  • Individual attention suited to your child’s unique needs.

4 – 5 years


  • Prekindergarten program built to equip each child to enter school with the eagerness and confidence necessary to strive for and achieve excellence.
  • Rich curriculum that teaches early math, science, social studies, and literacy skills.
  • Variety of stimulating activities focusing on the skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten.
  • Multi-sensory approach to learning, using songs, visuals and hands-on activities.

The growing child
6 – 12 years


  • Fun and relaxing activities.
  • School homework assistance in French and English.
  • Valuable notions of math and languages.
  • Transportation service.

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