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1825 Boul. René-Lévesque O
Montréal, Québec H3H 1R4
Telephone: 514-932-9333


Thanksgiving Dinner

The children enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings including roast turkey, homemade gravy, garlic potatoes, roasted vegetables and, of course, pumpkin pie!

Halloween Party

Our Halloween Extravaganza celebration includes a full-blown costume party. The entire center is set up with “Trick & Treat” stations each furnished with a little “treat”.

Grandparents’ Day

On this special day, we open our doors to host a morning packed with activities for children and their grandparents to share together. Children show their grandparents their classroom and have the opportunity to share a special treat together.

Christmas Dinner and Party

Maison Kinder Montreal is all decked out for this special event! Beautiful Christmas decorations, seasonal music echoes through the hallways, and the smell of freshly baked goodies swirls through the air. The multicultural celebrations culminate in a visit from Santa and each child receives a special gift.

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival is a week that is filled with excitement. The children participate in classroom activities together. Snowman making, experimenting with painting on snow and even bringing snow inside to examine individual flakes under the microscope might be some of the many activities the children enjoy. Each class prepares an act for a variety show that is presented to all the kids & teachers. We end the carnival with a special snack of hand-made snowflake cookies & hot chocolate.

Valentine’s Day Celebration

Our Valentine’s week includes stories and activities that revolve around the central theme of caring, sharing and taking care of each other. Children dress in red or pink. They make and send valentine’s cards to each other and also receive a special treat on the 14th!

Multicultural Fair

Each classroom chooses a country and discovers some of its music, dress, and even cuisine! The children “travel around the world” as they visit the Multicultural exhibits displayed in the gym for all to see.

Science Fair

This is a week packed with loads of hands-on activities and age-appropriate science projects and experiments that are displayed in the gym for all to share.

Easter`s breakfast with the Bunny

Each year, we host this special breakfast. Menu items include “fun hoppy hot chocolate”, homemade pancakes and fresh fruit. The children arrive at Maison Kinder and are greeted by the Bunny. He has been known to bring some chocolaty treats with him!

Mother’s Day breakfast

Maison Kinder Montreal is set up to welcome all of our deserving Mommies. Each child can enjoy iced tea, goodies and a special surprise with their mom!

Father’s Day breakfast

The children and the Dads share a fun “round of golf” together along with a special “Father’s Day” surprise!

Ballet/Hip-Hop Recitals

In the spring, the children put on a recital with music and beautiful costumes as well as a play to showcase some of the skills they learned. Bring your video cameras!


It will surely be with mixed emotions when we celebrate this special occasion with our first Pre-Kindergarten children! We will organize an afternoon filled with pomp & circumstance, where each child will receive their certificate along with a backpack filled with “Kindergarten” school supplies. Each class will also prepare songs in English and French to perform for their fellow graduates and parents. After the memorable performance (which is sure to bring a tear to your eye!), we will proceed to a fabulous feast and some summer entertainment for the children.

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